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Office shut down - the cleaning and maintenance checklist you need!

Set your office up for success in the new year by thoroughly tidying, cleaning and organising your workspace before you set off for the holiday break.

25 October 2023

Cleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfecting: What's the difference and why are they all important!

A clean and hygienic workspace is essential for any business. Regardless of the industry, maintaining a clean, germ-free environment keeps employees, customers, and guests safe and coming back.

30 August 2023

The office bathroom: essential tips for a fresh experience!

A clean, well-stocked, and welcoming commercial bathroom experience leaves a lasting and positive impression. By implementing these tips, you are creating a comfortable and hygienic space that caters to the needs of all!

18 July 2023

What we’re doing to minimise our impact

WS Whereabout Supply proudly focuses on providing customers with green cleaning alternatives that support sustainability. We understand the importance of keeping your spaces clean and tidy and the impact some products can have on the environment. It is our vision to become a leading stockist in environmentally friendly products.

2 June 2023

Kitchen & food prep essentials

Proper kitchen and food preparation is essential to reduce the spread of nasty bacteria, minimising the risk of your workers becoming sick or causing illness in people who eat the foods prepared. Each year in Australia there is an average of 5.4 million cases of foodborne illnesses, so you can see why we stock only the best commercial grade cleaning products to meet your required workplace sanitation needs.

17 May 2023

10 million (and four) reasons to tackle germs this flu season

We’ve all heard about how COVID-19 should have prepared us for future flu seasons, and with the barrage of public health announcements and advice around, it can be easy to let some important personal hygiene practices fall by the wayside.

6 April 2023

Office supplies you didn’t know you needed

When you think about office supplies, probably stationary comes to mind first. Have you ever considered what other useful office supplies you might require to have a better functioning workplace?

13 March 2023

What inspired our new look?

In late 2022, Whereabout Supply made the bold move to change our name and branding. It was a big decision and to be honest, we couldn’t be happier with our fresh new look. WS Whereabout Supply is a forward-thinking company, and we want our brand to reflect that.

Read on to learn what has and hasn't changed and some history around why we took the plunge!...

16 February 2023